Are we (possibly) white supremacists? Workshopping with Astrid Kunert.

Post by Andrea Rodericks, who facilitated the workshop as part of our designing regenerative spaces coLAB For our third session in the ARTist workshopping series we were led by powerful and personal reflections from Astrid Kunert who is co-founder and director of Qualitative Mind Research in Munich. Astrid shared her work with public participation, peace building […]


My book is out in (affordable) paperback!

I’m so excited to hold new copies of my action research for transformations book. It’s just out in paperback.  I got to flick through the pages when a box arrived to my house. Yay! That it’s being issued in paper makes the book much more affordable. Pst, I share my authors discount with AR+ friends […]


Juneteenth 2023

I just shared an Op-Ed from a developmental friend, Shakiyla Smith of the Fetzer Institute to our AR+ coLAB on leadership as developmental friendship cohort. In this coLAB we seek to practice with repatterning power-over dynamics as we muddle toward a world of power-with. Doing this work feels central to the work of transformations, as […]