Relational Meditation Practice: A resource for all ARTists


Imagine…what difference could it make to begin your next group meeting with a brief relational meditation?
In the calamities we are living through, it is essential and urgent for us to nurture our capacity for centeredness, deep human connection, and co-creativity. Relational meditation is a wonderful way to do so.

AR+ likes to offer meditation spaces that are accessible regardless of your familiarity mindfulness. We have even stumbled into our own format with its inclusion of moments of attuning to others you’re with.  You get a taste of that in the video.

We’re starting again in 2022. On Wednesday Feb 9th. UTC 19.00, i.e., 11 AM San Francisco, 2PM New York, Wellington 07.00 +1.

Consider this “Valentine’s Wednesday” i.e., the Wednesday before V-Day. The logistics will remain a little flexible to suit those who show up and wants to join in. If you’d like be involved – or to continue your involvement – please register soon we can send details.

Dr. Ilaria DiStefano is the lead facilitator.  Register your place here: