Caring in Action Research. Themed Issue ARJ out now

From the editorial by Kent Glenzer and Hilary Bradbury

“It is a humble verb: “To care.” We say we care when we see the devastation of mega-storms and wildfires, and Pacific islands disappearing in a rising ocean. We care about Black lives, about Afghan women, about indigenous people, all dispossessed and done violence to by the same world-historical processes that create great wealth and well-being for some. We care about our families, friends, and ourselves. The small and the huge are connected. Action researchers, committed to praxis and shifting oppressive power relationships, care about all these things, and about methodologies that foster conditions for collaborative knowledge creation that responds to what we care about. We are also asking: is this form of caring sufficient? How can we make caring actionable?

What does it mean to care? How is caring actionable?

The editorial  – an introduction to the ten papers of the specially themed issue – is available at the following link.  Take a look!


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