SAGE Handbook of Participatory Research and Inquiry

I was delighted to receive my copy of the new SAGE Handbook of Participatory Research and Inquiry. It’s co-edited by which Danny Burns of IDS with Jo Howard and Sonia Ospina, alongside a wonderful team of section editors. 

It’s a collection of 71 chapters in two volumes. It provides both the conceptual and ethical underpinnings for Participatory Research. It focuses on the design and step by step methods of participatory research and inquiry processes. In sum, it is a comprehensive compilation of the explosion of participatory research methods that have emerged over the past 20 years. 

Participatory Research has come of age. So yea, buy the book!

The e-version (in particular) is good value, providing 71 chapters of very detailed ‘how-to knowledge’. Here is the link to the Sage website:


kindle edition


A cheaper deal on the hardback copies


And to address the issue of the paywall and the cost of the Handbook, summaries (2-4pp) of the chapters are becoming freely available. Check out the Participatory Methods website here: https://www.participatorymethods.org/task/handbook-participatory-research-and-inquiry


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