Back to the future of water. Cynthia Mitchell

A little afternoon reading….

When Cynthia (that is Distinguished Professor Emerita, Cynthia Mitchell, now a PerMem with AR+) stepped away from the marvelous U. Technology Sydney Institute for Sustainable Futures earlier this year, it was because she wanted to do more to bring forward the kinds of transformations we know we need. Her piece brings together some of her insights so far. It’s about what it takes to embody regenerative practice – doing more good rather than just doing less harm. At a deep level, it’s about us all getting comfy with being uncomfy, with not knowing, with letting go of control and right/wrong expectations. And it’s about how we might learn from our inspiring First Australians when it comes to relationality. This might all sound a little esoteric, and it’s anything but. It might even be about our very survival because at its core, it’s about what we can do to keep the planet in its current benevolent state. The piece was written for the water sector but I hope, and others have told me, that it applies much more broadly. We hope you find it helpful/useful/intriguing…

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