Ecology and Economics

Hello and Happy Memorial Day, When I think about Action Research and the “Environment” I am often bombarded by other phrases and words like earth, nature, ecology, economics, and sustainable development.  Within this group of related subjects I cannot help but notice the commonality between economics and ecology.  So today, I attempt an oh so […]


Does the “community” really have voice? – Deb Dole

The business of health care has effectively muffled, if not silenced the voice of communities. The real needs of communities are often overlooked as health care dollars, programs and initiatives are rolled out in an effort to “fix” what is believed to be broken. The result is a labeling of individuals and communities as “non-compliant” […]


Health policy how is it directed – Bernard Young

Recent events of health care reform have put a spotlight on the political aspects of health policy development on the national scale. The same consideration should be brought to the local and regional discussion. AR and CBPR are looking at questions of health care policy and the practical involvement of the community of recipients in service determination. I think […]