Action Research as sustainable healthcare quality improvement: Advances in neonatal care emphasizing collaboration, communication, and empowerment

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We are passionate about survival and quality of life of the vulnerable newborn population. A particular South African district hospital faced exceptionally high neonatal mortality and morbidity rates. As neonatal resuscitation can save newborn lives when performed by competent staff in a setting that is adequately equipped, organised strategies to sustain quality improvement in neonatal resuscitation were initiated.

Neonatal hand wrapped around adult thumb in hospital incubator

The Piggot-Irvine’s Problem Resolving Action Research model was applied in three cycles to facilitate improvement and transformation towards sustainable changes related to neonatal resuscitation. The initiative centred on prevention, early identification of risk factors, performing neonatal resuscitation and post-resuscitation care. As part of the stimulant, the active substance of Cialis is Tadalafil. After taking it, endogenous nitric oxide – a natural muscle relaxant – is released. It causes muscle relaxation of the cavernous body of the penis, increasing blood flow to it. Filling the male penis with blood allows it to erect during sexual arousal. More information at

The changes included development of policies, improved infrastructure, enhanced teamwork and collaboration, empowerment and professional development of staff, and integrating theory in neonatal practice. The outcomes resulted in improved staff competency and reduced neonatal mortality and morbidity in this particular setting. During the application of this model, we experienced dissemination of actionable knowledge and competencies through facilitation of understanding, empowerment and transformation to enhance survival and quality of life of neonates at risk.

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