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An example of a Collage Card.
Collage Cards are an artistic method for engaging with the material of our lives.

with Jean Hartmann and Hilary Bradbury

Do you make space for self development? Where do you go to reflect on the potential disconnects between your values and practices, and the alignments and the misdirects in your intentions and attentions? How much time do you devote to developing your own reflexive practice? Would you find value in being part of a safe peer-space in which to check in with your own purpose & practice? 

The MICA co-lab offers a space for cultivating ourselves as ARTists. It’s a reflective learning space for those who support others as facilitators/educators, and who see value in being part of a nurturing space in which to inquire into redirecting our own disconnects toward more mindful listening and purposeful doing.

Our emphasis is going deep/deeper into the self, meeting-up with our “shadow” self, accessing hurts and acknowledging difficult emotions that slow us down in our journey of becoming. We’ll combine the practices of meditation and artistic inquiry in a space for tender unknowing, gentle awakening and re-awakening, forgiving of unkind truths, returning to origins, and re-crossing thresholds … 

Our invitation is to to see (and expand) upon our own developmental journeys. Join us!


The co-lab takes place at 11AM California time, Thursdays monthly on: 
Oct 10, Nov 14, Dec 12 Jan 9, 2020. The free invitational taster is Oct 3 – it’s open to all! Registrations links below. 

In MICA we continue to ask ourselves not only as engaged scholars, but also as embodied beings: “What supports me in my work with others?” “How may I practice the artistry and science of ART in my own work?” Jean brings an artistic style – with collage cards – in support of autobiographical inquiry. Hilary brings mindfulness practices.

Jean explains: In the ARTist spirit I invite us to speak with our personal, scholarly and ecological soulfulness through collage cards ( We are that breed of social scientists capable of attending to our minds while still hearing the heartful messages of competing voices. Speaking from the heart is the most genuine form of expression. MICA is where you can activate and further cultivate qualities of self: curiosity, confidence, compassion, courage, clarity, creativity, calm, connectedness. We can then direct our attention in the moment: choicefully activating connectedness in me and between us.   

Hilary invites: The Wisdom traditions remind us that as living beings we are part of a web of generous collaborations … air, food, culture, learning, friendship… Yet we also experience ourselves as blocked, small, fearful, envious, stingy, defensive, self-protective. Mindfulness allows us to catch this more quickly before we are reactive. When we can practice with “catching” the clench or the panicky paranoia, we can ask “is it really true?” “am I really under attack?” With consistency mindfulness practices make room for generous collaborations to be felt more often. This makes all the difference for our Action-oriented Research for Transformations.

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