Mycelium dreams by Freek Sanders Poet Laureate helps kick off 2024 at AR+

We get to have our own Poet Laureate at AR+, woohoo!

Freek Sanders  from the Netherlands, read his poem Mycelium Dreams in our kick off to 2024 organizing meeting. Video snippet below.

Freek (pronounced in the Dutch way as “Frake”) calls fellow ARTists “unelected representatives” of the future. We’ll take that. He also refers to the AR+ in-person Gathering last year in Bressanone/Brixen.

We’re super grateful for Freek’s offer to craft poems from learning experiences with AR+ members. We look forward to more!


Mycelium dreams by Freek Sanders

An unelected group of representatives,

gathered in the mountains of Brixen/ Bressanone,

a territory with a turbulent history,

a past that continues in the present,

like all pasts continue in the present.

These unelected representatives,

joined in their concern for transformation,

in their care for the planet,

in their search for community,

as a microcosmos striving to nourish,

in their love for,

the macrocosmos.

They, these unelected representatives,

Started to dance and mingle,

To listen and draw,

Fine lines,


evolutionary horizons.

Synapses created bridges,

to new directions,

crossing generational lines,

obliterating national borders,

merging relief,

and weaving new patterns,

into profound relationships,

between these unelected representatives,

and the worlds they wholeheartedly represent.

In this video snippet Freek reads his poem.”


Hilary introduces Freek Sanders our AR+ Poet Laureate