Happy Holidays! From the AR+ Foundation Board.

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Holiday Greetings – AR+ Foundation Board

At AR+ we encourage scholarly-practice in the transformative space between our “inner and outer worlds.”  We raise consciousness about participative scholarship and promote its role in moving our society toward sustainability. AR+ supports community, content and curriculum as we seek to support a next generation of Action Researchers for Transformations aka ARTists. 

In 2019 with increased clarity about Action-oriented Research for Transformations,  we saw ART come to life in special issues, e.g., Action Research and Climate Transformations.  We’ve also seen exciting new co-labs as our circle widens to include new friends and partners.

We focused our mission, both at AR+ and the Action Research journal, to encourage scholarly-practice that attends to the call of external demands at this time of Eco-Social crisis AND the inner work that cultivates our reflexive capacity as agents of transformative learning.  

In 2019 we we produced and enjoyed a powerful first Gathering of the global AR+ community at Chalmers U on International Women’s Day in March.  Conversations that started there have since led to “accomplishing more together.” For example:

Co-labs: After the success of winter webinars and and spring tasters, Thomas McIntyre inspired participants with the first in a new series using the living spiral co-lab. Ongoing co-labs today include MICA, a co-lab on mindful creativity, and  Designing Transformative Learning Spaces. Co-labs are developed with our organizational stewards, e.g., On Research design and Writing, a partnership with Jönköping Academy Center for coproduction at Jönköping University. We are also excited to see Developmental Leadership for Transformations address individual and collective action at this time of Eco-Social crisis.

We invite you to participate in a co-lab as an opportunity to connect with a global community of learning/practice.

Cookbooks: We launched a new Spanish/English “Cookbook” at the incendiary Transformations 2019 conference in Santiago, Chile. AR+ Cookbooks provide accessible stories and resources for self and community transformation in the ART spirit. They share the fruits of our partnerships and solutions oriented reflexive scholarship.

AR+ Cookbooks may well be the perfect Holiday Gift for the scholar-practitioner in your life!

Happy Holidays!