Gathering eCO Retreat Program update #1.

Action Research Events
Our ThemeWe are called to reflexive learning communities at a time of eco-social crisis.
Overview: We’ll work with:
  • 4 themes of the 4 preGathering zoominars: Developmental friendship; Re-storying ourselves; Feminine paradox of caring economy; Arts in Political work. More here:
  • Through 3 spaces: relational, conceptual and experimental.
  • In workshop/mapping/fishbowl practices.
  • With “open space” to show and tell ARTists’ practice at the developmental edge.
  • “Space between” for enjoying reflection, movement (dance too!) and connecting.
  • The final day includes an interactive presentation on ART as  7 Quality Choice-points along with next stage invitations to cultivating our ARTists repertoire, through coLABs and … TBD. 
Program: The design team shares the first draft of the evolving program at the link below.

Register your space here: