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Action Research for Sustainability by Jonas Egmose

Action Research for Sustainability. Social Imagination Between Citizens and Scientist. A new book by Jonas Egmose is introduced by Mary Brydon-Miller’s foreword: “In Jonas Egmose’s view the response to the crucial need to address issues of sustainability lies in the ability of scientists and citizens to engage in democratic processes to develop shared understandings and […]


Mayan Women & Guatemala Genocide

M. Brinton Lykes, Ph.D. Professor of Community-Cultural Psychology at Boston College and Co-Director of its Center for Human Rights & International Justice has a new book out from Rutgers University Press. Drawing on eight years of feminist participatory action research (PAR), Alison Crosby (Associate Professor, Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies, York U., Toronto) and M. […]


A review of Lifescaping Practices in School Communities: Implementing Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry. By Rolla E. Lewis & Peg Winkelman, Routledge.

Lifescaping Practices in School Communities

Kenneth Gergen exclaims in the Foreword, “Here Rolla Lewis, Peg Winkelman, and their associates confront the emerging condition with creative daring. They offer… a rational for new forms of action, a new range of challenging practices, and useful applications of their orientation in action…. My deepest hope is that what they share within this work […]


Judi Marshall on First Person Action Research

The field of action research has been waiting for Judi’s crystallization of first person inquiry practices. Her work of decades now shows in First Person Action Research (Marshall, 2016, Sage Publications), which offers a useful and timely read. First person action research – inquiry about our subjectivity, our biases, our partialities and motivations – helps inform better action, […]


AR wisdom for International Development/Large Scale Change. A review of Burns and Worsley

On this collaborative review forum we review new (and classic) action research materials. Cultivating the collaborative intent of action research means here that we invite comments on the reviews. We also invite you to review others of the multiplying resources in the field of action research. We hope this space is helpful for bringing awareness […]


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