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What is Action Research?

What is Action Research

A blog inspired by Davydd Greenwood’s “An analysis of the theory/concept entries in the SAGE Encyclopedia of Action Research: What we can learn about action research in general from the encyclopedia. 2015. Action Research,13(2), 198-213” Greenwood draws from The SAGE Encyclopedia of Action Research to highlight how action research realities are essentially complex, dynamic, open […]


Using photovoice to develop critical awareness of tobacco environments for marginalized youth in California

image: set up like a math equation. Left to right: thought bubble, addition sign, old camera, equal sign, drawn image of megaphone

Dr. Alfredo Ortiz Aragón writes: “This article clearly achieves its set purpose of going beyond reporting findings from a PhotoVoice project, to shedding more light on the process through which participants develop critical awareness—drawing significantly from the participants own accounts of their transformative experiences. Echoing comments from one of our reviewers, the examples presented clearly […]


“Difficult paths can be less difficult if patients and nurses walk together…”

This research emerged from the need of a group of nurses in improving the care of people with chronic disease, specifically patients with diabetes mellitus type 2. Despite the professionals’ effort, they were not satisfied with the results of their clients because lots of them had difficulty in controlling their diabetes as well as integrating […]


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