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Taking the road less taken: reorienting the state for periurban water security

In this paper, we describe an action research approach to improve the accountability of drinking water service providers to the residents of village Sultanpur in periurban Gurgaon in North-West India. Periurban spaces are growing rapidly in spread and extent, but receive scant policy attention. They often suffer from institutional neglect and state apathy. Even then […]


Reconstructing spatial narratives as a mode of action research and planning – Dialogical community actions of urban regeneration in the neighborhoods of Ka-la̍k-á, Taipei

Why does the planning profession often disregard the stories of the ordinary citizens? We all love stories. Sometimes a personal story from the next-door family intrigues us more than the urban history. A shared arcade may be cherished by locals as an eventful route embedded in the community identity through narrative. Yet in declining neighborhoods, […]


“Student action research: preventing bullying in secondary school – Inkla project”

This paper provides a practical guide to using youth action research to engage  “bullying” among high school students  It also offers important insights into building partnerships among various stakeholder groups – high school students, university students, and professional researchers – all of whom represent different age-groups, roles, and social statuses. Young people have a lot […]


The co-conspiring methodology: An invitational approach to action research

“The co-conspiring methodology: An invitational approach to action research” walks us through the author’s own thought processes in how she tried to become part of the community in which she was participating and researching. Her thoughtful reflections and examples on what co-conspiring entails lay out a compelling imperative for other action researchers to consider as […]


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