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Guy O’Grady Sharrock responds to the paper entitled ‘‘Getting beneath the surface in program planning, monitoring and evaluation: Learning from use of Participatory Action Research and Theory of Change in the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems’’

Development organizations who aim to improve program outcomes and ensure increased accountability to communities are under increasing pressure to better understand the experiences of project participants. There is much discussion across the aid community (including, but not limited to, aquatic agricultural research) about opportunities and challenges to adapting planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) approaches in […]


AR Special Issue: Development, Aid, and Social Transformation

The purpose of this special issue of the Action Research Journal is to name marginalization and to seek insights – practical, practice-focused insights – about how action research methodology in its most liberatory and transformative forms might help Official Development Assistance tackle wicked, intractable, complex problems. The special issue builds on a long history of […]


Taking action on land

If there’s one thing we are both passionate about, it’s land. Not that we want it ourselves. Rather, as scholar-activists, we’re both convinced that in South Africa, given our history, land reform is essential and must succeed in redistributing land from white to black farmers, families and communities. Like other action researchers, for us it […]


Up-scaling action research and implications for community organizing practice

Post Academic researchers often fail to fully comprehend the scope of and causes behind challenges experienced in low-income neighborhoods unless they engage in action research (AR), where relationships built over time allows for research questions to emerge that combines local-knowledge with academics’ knowledge. Through an AR partnership in a Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood, we had the […]


Around the table with policymakers: Giving voice to children in contexts of poverty and deprivation

Increasingly, children are seen as social actors who are knowledgeable about issues that concern their lives, both in research and policymaking. However, this approach is not without challenges, particularly in relation to sensitive topics like poverty. One key challenge relates to how to involve children effectively so that their stories are actually listened to and […]