“A whole lot of loss” Action Research Transformations in Iran:

An ARTist friend shares what it’s been like in Iran…

“It is confusion and terror in Iran. It is also nice to see people around the world feel as one community whether it is Ukraine or Iran. 

We have a feminist movement that is supported by men as well, yes. We, as people, have tried a lot to bring about changes through reforms but the power above does not listen. There is no intention to accept people’s rights. Yet there is a big discrepancy between what people see and want and what power above sees. 

I am proud to see such  brave youths in Iran. They are courageous to demand their rights and freedom. Nonetheless there is chaos as well for the time being. I wrote you earlier about a sense of despair, hopelessness; loss of motivation as an action researcher. Back then I was predicting to some extent what we face now. I do not see reforms.

Participants in recent workshops directly say ‘yes we want change but what about the big boys!’ I think we have come to a deadlock. For me personally this means that for two years I have given up on  action researcher for transformation. Simply writing about our reality means you go to jail.

Just a whole lot of loss.”