post Gathering 2023. Reflecting together

Gathering on zoom on December 11th – a month since we saw each other in person – we reflected on experiences from our November 2023 Gathering in Brixen/Bressanone. After a brief roll call of what we bring to the moment (e.g., “good memories”) we settled into protainer with Ilaria, and stayed in plenary for dialogue.

Listening for voices

We agreed to listen and bring balance in the dialogue of 1st person-personal, 2nd personal-relational and 3rd person-systemic perspectives. For this balance is the marker of post conventional/later stage knowing so dear to us at AR+!

We started in with:

  • Focus on the WHAT of our experience – helped by photos and Hannes’ video footage, then…
  • Experience of WHAT’s STILL RESONATING NOW in our work and life today, reaching into…
  • WHAT’s NEXT for our individual and collective futures.


Overall, we emphasized the significance of physical presence. This made relationships – one to one and all together – and the connections in Italy resonate still. We discussed the role of Zoom participants in helping affirm and cohere our group in-person activities. Overall, there was a sense of the importance of allowing space – natural and human-relational space – become our teacher. 

In saving seeds for next spring, we highlighted the importance of intergenerational learning and embodied knowing that are resonating and will likely inform our future.

Alessandra, Andrea, and Alastair emphasized the power of in-person interactions, while Dana focused on the importance of the container created by the environment. Tobias recalled for us the power of the religious iconography in our space and noted that it didn’t feel oppressive.

Hilary, Chris, Miren, and Alexandra also discussed the role of Zoom in their group activities, with Miren expressing mixed feelings and Alexandra appreciating the platform’s ability to transcend time and place.


Several participants continued to feel the importance of intergenerational dialogue and collaboration. Patricia shared growing awareness of this topic since the Gathering and her intention to work on it in the future. Alastair echoed Patricia’s sentiments, noting that Carol’s Halloween workshop on intergenerational potential aligns with his own work. Carol wondered how it can inform the creation of the 2024 sandboxes. Dana highlighted a deepened sense of connection to nature and culture, and the healing that occurs when one recognizes oneself as nature and then returns to culture.  Alessandra expressed a desire for coaction.


We discussed feelings of connection with nature, the power of embodied intuition, and the ability of these experiences to transform our ways of knowing.

We proposed future collaborations:

  • exploring intergenerational collaboration and action research (Hannes, Julian and Dana exploring wayfinding through mountain guiding that will inform but also open up the AR+ space into daily life practice);
  • delving deeper into gender issues with Orkestra (Miren and Patricia exploring an added emphasis on inter-generational learning)

Wintering and seed saving

Chris shared about holding sadness and joy simultaneously, likening it to the season of winter and emphasizing the importance of allowing/enjoying a period of winter before moving into spring’s new actions.

Hilary thanked everyone for their contributions and announced end of year workshops: Dana and Heidi leading tomorrow in our workshopping coLAB, plus a final Gathering reflection on the Constellation with Luea and Simon next Monday.

Hilary invited our seed savers planting to become members in 2024, attend the organizing meetings of February 15th and 16th and plant those seeds they’ve been caring for in the Irish spring…in coLABs around the sandboxes.

Concluding highlight

  • The importance of intergenerational dialogue in AR+ and all our action research work…
  • Now how will coLABs and sandboxes inform one another in 2024?