MICA coLAB starts Oct 13

Self care for self and community transformation

Greetings from MICA CoLAB— by Jean Hartmann, MICA coSteward.

Join us to practice ‘action integrated with reflection,’ in support of our own outer -meets- inner work. To this we bring the practice not only of self-care, but self-love by drawing on a mindfulness foundation as we deepen our learning about self and community transformations. (And we have fun too!)

Not only do we want to deepen our own understandings of our individual developmental capacities, but also ground our action research transformations work in a togetherness that encompasses intersectionality. Toward this intention, we’ll practice to deepen 1) Embodiment: how does deeper self-knowing widen our range of perspective-taking? 2) Reflexivity: how do we inquire into our own underlying premise before challenging others? and 3) Praxis: how do we take action inclusive of others wisdom?

We acknowledge that pandemic living has ushered in huge change. Whether we are living on the edge of hope and/or living fully into new possibilities, most of us can sense ourselves navigating the liminal space of social disruption. Are we poised for socio-ecological change? Or clinging to visions from the past? What is now needed for personal and collective thriving? How do we honor mother Earth and one another as we muddle forth?

MICA began as a creative collaboration between Hilary Bradbury and Catherine Etmanski. In October we continue the desire for supporting the flourishing of personal and collective transformation in the midst of our participation in the social movements to which we bring action researching ART.
Mindfulness can be fundamental to our daily routine of physical and psycho-social health. Mindful integration of co-creativity and co-action can become shared within our community of practice at AR+. We can attend even more mindfully to the qualities of our transforming self, as we embody more deeply our intentions for self and community good.

As fellow travelers of life, we are present to more complexity (In the US, we bear witness to the unhealed historical hurts of economic inequality and gender and racial injustice unfolding also across the globe.  Many of us get to reconnect with inner traumas that we have carried along time. These are times for deeper reflections.

Integrating compassion and abundance—in this our third season of MICA –  has us want to emphasize compassion and abundance as a community working in collaborative action with one another across multiple fields.

Don’t be alone in your ART! We invite you to join us, starting October 13th.  Register to save your space soon (we send prep materials early October). Registration details are at the MICA coLAB page