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From Ilaria DiStefano, lead steward of the relational meditation space for AR+.

“As we are planting seeds for AR+ 2023, we write from the newly renamed Eco-Relational Meditation coLAB to invite you to join us next year. We offer two weekly session. Join either or both!

Two weekly sessions:

  • Wednesday 18.00 UTC (continuing from 2022).  That’s 1PM New York, 7PM Europe;
  • Thursdays 7.30AM UTC (newly added for 2023) That’s 1PM India, 6.30PM in Australia.

Our coLAB is a regular space to find stillness together, and cultivate deeper, embodied attunement to self, others, and all beings, plus the space between, in support of our being and acting as ARTists.

We currently gather as a small, committed group on Wednesdays to first meditate in silence (20 mins), and then the rest of the time (15-20 mins) we engage in shared inquiry into the experience of the present moment, in dyads and/or all together, as in a collective poem creation. 

To give you a sense of our relational practice, please read and view the accompanying video. Note the emphasis is on slowing down, and tuning into our lived experience, moment after moment. And it’s light and fun and helpful to meditate together.

We are often amazed at the creativity that emerges as we engage in meditative inquiry together. And our intention is for the “good” that we generate to ripple out into the world once we return to our activities, resourced at the mind, heart, body, and spiritual level. 

Personally, I (Ilaria) find it a weekly blessing of spaciousness, togetherness, and regeneration, in the complexity of our times. This coLAB is helping me be a more grounded, resilient and creative leader, in my  personal and work relationships, and within our eco-social crises. 

In 2023, we will extend the coLAB to more ARTists around the world by adding a meeting on Thursdays at 07:30 UTC (1PM India) starting in January.

If you feel called to join us, in either or both, we would love to hear from you! 

Register/re-register at this link so you are on the email list to receive calendar invitations and timely updates:

Looking forward to practicing together!

We send our warmest wishes for a luminous holiday season. 

Ilaria for Hilary and Andrea 

coLAB co-stewards