Co-production: healthcare and participative action research

Co-production: a practice of “with-nessing” between healthcare professionals and patients

Are you a Physician who is learning to lead transformational or systemic change? Are you a hospital administrator who needs to create enduring partnerships with stakeholders who hold radically different perspectives?

Are you curious to learn more about… how a nurse helped her patient to do kidney “self-dialysis” on the patient’s schedule? How a clinical team learned to avoid error despite time pressure? What practices help a physician avoid burnout?

Co-production practices may be unfamiliar yet easily within reach. They often require trust and partnership, active listening and mindfulness. Simple, but rare in clinical life. Therefore this co-lab is designed to convene a supportive global peer community.

We invite healthcare leaders, such as providers to clinic managers, to convene in a community of inquiry/practice around co-production, starting  January 14 2020. Our intention is to learn about participative practices in healthcare and make small experiments that move ourselves and our systems closer to healing and wholeness.

Starts January 14, 2020. More details available and registration now open.

Join the Co-production invitational “teaser” session on November 12th.