Big thank you to our ARJ reviewers

At ARJ, the Action Research journal, we, the Editorial Team, strive to facilitate a peer-support approach to our editorial work. We see this as complementary to the independent peer review we develop for all papers. In this peer-support process, we appreciate that reviewing is most often a labour of love!

Because we all manage such high demands for quality reviewers, we want to say a big and sincere thank you to all who contribute to our community of action research scholarship. We deeply appreciate your work and want to remind you how much it benefits the editorial team and through us, all our contributing authors. Together we are supporting transformational change

We often hear from authors how helpful your reviews have been.  Given the overall proliferation of journals, increasing pressures on researchers at all career stages to publish, as well as increasing workloads and stresses across many sectors aiming to create meaningful change, we truly appreciate that reviewing for ARJ is a choice you make.

Please get in touch with our editorial team if we can make your work easier.


-Barbara de Groot

-Denny Ho

-Felix Bivens,

-Hilary Bradbury (Editor in Chief),

-Joanna Wheeler,

-Julia Wittmayer,

-Koen Bartels,

-Marina Apgar,

-Rob Warwick,

-Simon Divecha,

-Tetsu Hirasawa,

-Victor Friedman.