1.9! Higher impact factor calculated for ARJ

We just got the annual update on the citation index for Action Research (ARJ), the premier, peer reviewed international journal for action researchers, published by Sage.

Happily it’s continuing to rise since we refreshed our mission to develop and publish papers on helping transformations happen in response to our rising eco-social crisis.

Key to our efforts is that we acknowledge that our beautiful Earth is becoming inhospitable to us. The journal calls on fellow educators, researchers, knowledge creator- change leaders to respond to this existential threat. First by accepting an unpalatable truth: our mainstream approach to learning, education, and research is actively co-producing the very opposite of what we need at this time of unsustainability.

Read more about the timely call to Action Research for Transformations by Bradbury, H., Waddell, S., O’ Brien, K., Apgar, M., Teehankee, B., & Fazey, I. (2019). A call to Action Research for Transformations: The times demand it. DOI: Action Research17(1), 3-10

Keep us in mind when looking to read excellent examples of action research. Keep us in mind when looking to share excellent accounts of action research.  Note we have a special issue on Social Innovations, Transformations and Action Research. Papers are due in November.