CoLAB facilitators:  Alastair Wyllie, Susie Pratt and Ruth Förster

 Welcome ARTists seeking community. The AMICABLE coLAB welcomes change leader-facilitators in the mood for self replenishment, a little fun and reflective conversation. 

The AMICABLE coLAB for ARTists - Action Researchers for Transformation- returns for its third yearRegister at the big pink button below.

                                                In this coLAB we are contained by our developmental friendship. 

Our invitation.

The AMICABLE CoLAB is open to everyone who is involved in change-making (both beginner and expert) and seeks to reflect upon, and creatively develop, their action research practice within a diverse, multicultural group.


We will provide a safe and brave container - we call it a “protainer”

  • to be inspired by the creative genius of others
  • to notice and acknowledge what shows up in our own practice
  • to explore with others how best to integrate our findings into our developing action research.

Our schedule

Four coLAB sessions are offered, distributed over the year to accommodate summer and winter festivities, and longer and shorter inspirational preparation time.  CoLAB times are proposed to enable maximum participation around the globe. Note the clock changes as follows...

  • Thu 27 Apr. Atlanta 06-30-08:50 / London 11:30-13:50 / Zürich 12:30-14:50 / Delhi 16:00-18:20 / Manila 18:30-20:50 / Sydney 20:30-22:50
  • Thu 29 Jun. same times as above
  • Thu 28 Sep. same times as above
  • Thu 30 Nov. Atlanta 06-30-08:50 / London 11:30-13:50 / Zürich 12:30-14:50 / Delhi 17:00-19:20 / Manila 19:30-21:50 / Sydney 22:30-24:50.


Each AMICABLE coLAB comprises two x 60-minute sessions on either side of a 20-minute interval.

Our first hour explores what has been stimulated and provoked by the creative genius of others - their books, music, films, photographs, poetry - and to share what speaks to each of us, personally and profoundly, in our learning and sense-making.

Our second hour lets us reflect and talk about the implications for our practice and ourselves as practitioners.  Together, in noticing our own experiences, we intend to offer ourselves learning that is at the creative and developmental edge and stretch of our ARTistry - our action research for transformation.

Previous topics for exploration give a taste of the multiple resources we sample. These included:

  • Infinite Potential: The life and ideas of David Bohm (
  • Sand Talk: How indigenous thinking can save the world (Yunkaporta, 2020)
  • Motherload - a documentary about tackling depression, community-building and innovation using cycling and cargo bikes (
  • My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized trauma and the pathway to mending our hearts and bodies (Menakem, 2017)
  • Poetry - from each of us two favourite poems that speak to our ART practice
  • Becoming Animal: An earthly cosmology (Abram, 2011)
  • Inside Ecosystems: Ecosystems in music creation and performance (
  • Our relationship with food 

 For our first AMICABLE CoLAB 

Our April 27th topic will be outlined in our invitation and joining instructions for coLAB #1, to be emailed to registered participants after EASTER/April 10th.  Topics for subsequent AMICABLE coLABs will be proposed by the participants.


Please register for this series of AMICABLE CoLABs by using the button below.

We look forward to our inspiring developmental friendship conversations,

- Susie, Ruth and Alastair


Cynthia and Alastair share their motivation for hosting and what they are each most looking forward to. We all agree that this is one helluva sophisticated and valuable club that we are inviting people to 🙂

Action Research Co-lab

We are hopeful that in aMICAble meetings, we will also turn the camera on ourselves as an AR+ community. In other words, we’ll walk the talk using this shared space for progressing our experimentation together.

This video snippet offers a taste of AR+ community gathering.


So you have a taster of our movie club. We started our first AMICABLE with the movie Infinite Potential. All individually reviewed it in advance.  It's about quantum physicist David Bohm whose physics gave rise to the practice of dialogue and more recently, to circling. It was very interesting to look more closely at the connection between "new" science and the ART orientation. We recommend it! The Directors Cut is available and includes Leroy Little Bear amongst others:

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No one will be turned away for want of funding.

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