AR+ supports Action Researchers for Transformations in our time of eco-social crisis.

We are leader-learners who help transformations happen... in communities of education, healthcare, government, development ...

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Being AS nature: Being Leaders in Developmental Friendship
Alex Stubbings writes..."This year marks the eighth iteration of the AR+ coLAB  Leadership as Developmental Friendship. And my first. So[...]
Academy of Management workshop in August
Tobias Fehr-Bosshard, Ph.D. Cand, U. St Gallen invites you to attend an Academy of Management workshop in August
Unveiling Social Inclusion for Low-Income Immigrant Latina Mothers
Diana Cedano published a paper recently situated within the heart of economic and societal challenges. The work - an action[...]
Earth for All. Review by Chris Riedy
The image, from the Stockholm Resilience Center, shows of 9 planetary limits (e.g., soil productivity, aka food availability, climate change,[...]
Appreciating and inquiring with refugees.
Amanda Gebhard and colleagues have published a new paper with ARJ on antiracist action researching with refugees in Canada.  Amanda[...]
Three stories we did not tell about NGO-Community Collaboration in Uganda
Marit Blaak, Sophia Irepu, Jacques Zeelen write about their recently published work in ARJ … "Our research took us to[...]
Podcast on PAR Peacebuilding in Colombia
In this episode of AR+ Yes/And podcast, ARJ Associate Editor Felix (Skip) Bivens interviews Laura Leiva and Leidy Munoz.Listen here!The[...]
Julian Hauer’s Workshop– thinking wider and deeper
In our workshop on transformative learning spaces Julian Hauer took the participants to the heart of his inquiry by sharing[...]

Action Research for Transformations

What is ART?
Let's start at the very beginning...

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What is Action Research?

What is ART?
Do you have questions?
Let's start at the very beginning...


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Action Research

"I want to express my strong gratitude for your work at AR+.  I have been reflecting on the changes that appeared in me-myself as a result of the action research I've done. What a big personal discovery!  I humbly aspire to submit an article about it, with results, for the Action Research journal. Our work accords well with the climate change transformations agenda. Thank you very much! "

- Mariia Ermilova. Chiba Uni.
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Our ambition at AR+ is to connect and support Action Researchers for Transformation.

We are in service of ever expanding circles of self development within education-, politics-, business-, relationships.

We promote pragmatic scholarly practice through our engagement as agents and subjects of transformation.

Our aspiration is that more of us ARTists will revitalize more of our social institutions.