AR+ supports a global community, online and face to face, so that  action-oriented scholar practitioners find community in response to the call of our times. 

We believe that global social-ecological challenges (crises) demand a new context for scholarships of all kinds. In supporting ART Action-oriented Research for Transformation AR+ offers specific resources such as coaching, co-labs, curriculum, workshops, so that fellow (feral?) scholars may find what's next for them in their self- and community developmental evolution

AR+ is unusual for our emphasis on practice. For example, all our co-lab efforts are designed to encourage new experiments for re-weaving activist, artistic and scientific dimensions of knowledge creation. The value of participating in this loosely knit global community is that we can learn, cross-pollinate and amplify innovative efforts. 

AR+ Foundation Resources 

Check out the Blog & Cookbooks & Resource pages. Coaching is available for individuals and groups. Co-labs are particularly important for supporting and encouraging communities of practice. Customized workshops for faculty are designed in consultation as "scholarly retreats."  An important promise of community is to feel empowered in the practice of ART as a viable complement to conventional scholarship. 

Process Protainer

Our relational emphasis supports authenticity. We encourage becoming "protainer savvy," (similar to a container, a protainer encourages proactivity!). Protainer guidelines help make the most use of our precious time  all our gatherings.

AR+ Leadership 

The AR+ Foundation Board meets quarterly and ensures financial transparency accordingly to US law.  Officers comprise Alain Gauthier, Christopher Juniper, Dusty Embury with Hilary Bradbury as secretary to the board. In addition, Hilary convenes, curates and coaches in the role of CEO.

AR+ is co-stewarded 

Global North and South institutions may become stewards if their organization already supports the practice and promise of action research.  We invite 2-3 champions from each institution to engage with AR+ in a 'win-win' fashion.  We seek to have 7-12 such stewards annually, so as to provide diversity of focus.  A Stewarding organization may offer a rotating home to AR+ as a way to bring benefit to their local stakeholders. This usually takes the form of a gathering (faculty and other institutional stakeholders). Personal membership is available by invitation of the members who also active ly steward the evolution of AR+.

A key benefit for those who steward is co-designing an online AR+ Co-lab to serve their stakeholders' interests.  Co-labs offer dynamic and enjoyable spaces that help cross-pollinate concepts of Action-oriented Research for Transformations with stewards' local concerns, such as policy making, use of the arts, developmental teamwork. The co-labs draw participants from the various domains in which stewards operate, e.g., healthcare, education, management, etc. The free webinars and co-labs offer a taste of our creative reach. The ARTists Academy was seeded in our March 2019 AR+ Transformations Gathering when AR+ was "at home" at Chalmers University.  

Intention: We care about developing a next generation of ARTists.  We want the action orientation to knowledge creation to become better known by graduate students early in the course of their studies.  All our work is offered by donation.

Donations are welcome and very much needed. 
Your donation may be tax deductible.

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