ARTful coCreativity coLAB

Co-Stewards: Drs. Ilaria DiStefano and Hilary Bradbury 

                                               Exploring and expanding personal, relational, and systemic spaces of "Power With."

May 18th 2021 and the following third Tuesdays of the month. UTC 19.00, i.e., 12.00 noon San Francisco time.**  

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ARTful Co-creativity gathers ARTists who find delight - and seek community - in expanding their consciousness, capacities, and skills  in becoming beneficial presences on a shared planet. In a shared space of mindfulness, heartfulness, and ARTfulness, we find refuge, grounding, and resources for our work so that:

  • We improve our work for the larger world at a time of eco-social crisis and the need for new social imaginaries;
  • We (continue to) learn and practice relational action inquiry - for deepening capacity with engaging key stakeholders; 
  • We engage in reflective, embodied, and awareness-based explorations - for cultivating the self. 

Through our work with self and community (each participant brings their own projects), we aim to cultivate individual and shared quests that result in co-creating more beauty in personal, social, and planetary contexts. 

Our 9-month coLAB journey unfolds through 6 explorations:

  1. Stepping into ARTful co-creation: Relational Space: Building a protainer;
  2. Cultivating self – nurturing integration and regeneration: Using self assessments for scaffolding development;
  3. Partnering with others – playing with issues of power and care: Expanding mutuality through relational action inquiry;
  4. Seeding regenerative systems – exploring (new) ways of living and experimenting in our systems;
  5. Deepening, broadening, and connecting inquiries in the larger ecosystem of learning-as-practice;
  6. Celebrating the harvest! Planting fresh seeds of co-creativity.

Throughout the journey, we work with the inquiries that emerge in our individual and collaborative practice at our developmental edge. We hold the space for self and others to deepen, broaden, and share those inquiries. We become mirrors and inspirations for each other's genius, cultivating attunement to self, others, and the shared Field. We hone our transformative capacities as we grow together in co-creative practice. In this we are expanding the possibilities of Action Research Transformations ART with attention to nurturing "Power With" - within ourselves, with our partners and for our larger systems.

Our work is guided by choicepoints for quality in ART concerning intention, partnership, participative methods, contribution, actionability, social proliferation and developmental reflexivity.  The option of a credential/certificate path is offered--and will be customized co-creatively! 

The invitation is to those who are up for:

- practicing integrated intelligence as a mindful, heartful and artful ARTist,
- co-inquiring at your developmental edge into the (dis)connection between your creative purpose and your co-creative accomplishments,
- unveiling, exploring, and getting muddy at the junction of how we practice power, caring and mutuality,
- experimenting with more (re)generative and integrated ways of practicing power and caring,
- experiencing more choicefulness, connection and stakeholder satisfaction in transformative co-creation...

We invite you to register your space below.

Logistics for coLAB

ARTful Co-creativity coLab meets monthly for 90 minutes on Zoom. There are buddy, coaching and small group meetings, alongside spaces to be silent, together during each monthly inter-session.

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 19.00 UTC starting May 18th, 2021. ** We ask for flexibility on the exact start time until we have a sense of where all participants are.

 If you have questions email 


Relational Action Inquiry Co-lab

"I realize that in each of the two coLAB cohorts that I have joined, something big has happened for me. Each has led to something quite transformative. For example, my former [work] group has now been dissolved, helped a lot by coLAB conversations, and we are starting a renewed and refreshed artistic/social-justice exploration. 

With each of these transitions, the perspectives and ideas from the Eros/Power exploration have facilitated my integration and leadership."

- Spring, founder and co-principal, Resonance Path Institute. Seattle, WA.

Relational Action Inquiry Co-lab

Our coLAB meets monthly in inquiry about how to co-create richer relational space for personal and work life. We ask questions such as “how to surface dynamics of power and caring in a co-creative way?’

In this snippet, a small coLAB group is discussing the artistic intervention we had played during a small breakout sessions. 

Co-inquiry as the heart of co-creativity

The coLAB provides a scholarly-practice space for the transformation of human relational darkness into light. We learn about co-creativity through practice together. We liberate through welcoming, along with our joys and appreciations, those shadow parts of us so easily triggered in relationship. In a circle of likeminded/ kindminded friends, we remind ourselves that without truth there can be no sustainable creativity and that without humor there may be no point.  

Relational Action Inquiry Research Co-lab

coLABs have been convening since September 2016, starting as a follow up to the book E/P: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry (Bradbury & Torbert 2016:

Beyond understanding the practice of good relational inquiry, coLABs convene a new community (limited to 12). We practice by sharing personal experiences and projects that link power and love in our relationships and organizational lives. Some participants continue into the next cohort.

We harvest our learning to be shared as action research - in local interventions and/or in writing together -  as we learn more about bringing our fuller selves in creative relationships to wherever the fullness of creative work arises. In this way our efforts link subjective, inter-subjective and objective, i.e., first, second and third person research/practice in the domain of relationship.

Book and other materials that inform/explain the evolution of this coLAB


Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry.


Reintegrating heart and mind: Toward a Transformational Social Science.

RAIR Video

Video with Bill Torbert discussing Eros/Power.

More on Structure and Process

We like to rotate facilitation of our monthly online meetings as a way to practice mutuality. In this we also invite artistic methods as a way out of overly rationalistic approaches to interpersonal work. Outside of meetings we have an asynchronous writing forum where we share our experiments, insights and questions, as well as small group meetings.
Relational space requires mindfulness so that we foster friendship and development in a space both humorous/playful and earnest/structured, as appropriate. We assume that wisdom is contained within and among all and thereby aim for enhancing shared intelligence and encouraging the generous contribution of input and constructive feedback. We share preparation in advance of the first session along with AR+ process guidelines. You may also email with questions. 

Register and Donate

                                                 AR+ is a non profit 501.c3 organization. Donations are tax deductible in the USA.
                                                No one will be turned away for want of funding.

                                               If you need "top up" sponsorship, we invite you to submit a TUBS application at the link below.           

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