Women and Gender

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Women and Gender

The Focus of articles concerned with Women and Gender ranges from how to transform traditional gender discourse in early childhood in Indonesia, to why there is a disparate rate of homelessness among women in Canada. In other words, conventional gender constructs are explored as authors explain and explore ART. 


Basque Sandbox. Gender in Collaborative Governance with Dr. Miren Larrea
Our new sandbox in the Orkestra partnership with AR+ is the result of a series of processes that have been[...]
Reflections on ‘doing’ participatory data analysis with women experiencing long-term homelessness
This paper draws on the lessons learned from the [in]visible project, a community-based research partnership that aimed to learn more[...]
Doing feminist participatory action research for disrupting traditional gender discourses with Indonesian Muslim kindergarten teachers
The purpose of this article is to explore the authors’ and the co-authors’ reflexivity in feminist participatory action research, conducted[...]
Learning from Homelessness in Feminist ART
Lead author, Mary Elizabeth Vaccaro writes that ‘reflecting on ‘doing’ participatory data analysis with women experiencing long-term homelessness,’ shines a[...]
Muslim Women Disrupting Traditional Gender Discourses with Vina Adriany, Hani Yulindrasari, and Raden Safrina
Drs. Vina Adriany, Hani Yulindrasari, and Raden Safrina are academics from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, a higher education institution in Indonesia.[...]
Four practices for conducting feminist participatory action research
In the photo, clockwise from top right, are Alona, Nur, Lior, and Bat El, members of the Alibi action research[...]
Building bridges by Camilla Bakkær Simonsen
Building bridges: A co-creation intervention preparatory project based on female Syrian refugees' experiences with physical activity has just become available. [...]
Non-binary opens up the mind to, well, non binary everything! – An update by Lara Catone
What are we being called upon to do - or embody - as practitioners of ART in a more gender[...]
The Inner-Outer Dance for social change. By Andrea Rodericks
Andrea Rodericks Andrea Rodericks works independently with NGOs, social enterprises, and other civil society organizations and networks on program and[...]
Feminist action research in response to food insecurity among college students
At a time of heightened crisis in the world, where we are focusing our efforts on explorations of the transformative potential of action research, this paper considers how feminist action research (FAR) can help to address food insecurity on our own campus and those throughout Michigan.
Designing and implementing a positive body image program: Unchartered territory with a diverse team of participants
Blogpost by  Aly Bailey To date, few published body image studies have involved participants in helping to design body image programs.[...]
Reflections on the potential (and limits) of action research as ethos, methodology and practice: A case study of a women’s empowerment programme in the Middle East
Abstract provided on behalf of the authors: Suzanne Hammad, Alice Alunni, and Tamara Alkhas This paper argues that an evidence-based approach to[...]
GIRRL power! Participatory Action Research for building girl-led community resilience in South Africa
This article aims to crystallize the contributions of the Girls in Risk Reduction Leadership (GIRRL) Program in building resilient communities[...]
Enabling Marginalized Women to Critically Address Issues of Power and Identity
A blog inspired by Duncan, G., & Ridley-Duff, R. (2014). Appreciative inquiry as a method of transforming identity and power in[...]
Transforming how women and men and race intersect
Celebrating... the annual Women's March and the momentum of the #MeToo movement, another cohort of our community of practice on[...]
Incremental transformation for poverty alleviation among rural women in Bangladesh
We discovered some key lessons for developmental practice through a transdisciplinary action-research project in with rural women in Bangladesh. We[...]
Enabling Marginalized Women to Critically Address Issues of Power and Identity
A blog inspired by Duncan, G., & Ridley-Duff, R. (2014). Appreciative inquiry as a method of transforming identity and power[...]
Relational Action Inquiry as the Trump Talk: Crossing the Gender Rubicon in the USA election

We’ve arrived at the river. The riverbank of the of the Gender Rubicon. The Rubicon is the US election tomorrow and, more importantly, civilizations’s decision about the role of patriarchy in the 21st Century. We get to choose between a bully who brags about grabbing pussy and throwing out the foreigners — his self description

Design strategies from sexual exploitation and sex work studies among women and girls: Methodological considerations in a hidden and vulnerable population
Abstract on behalf of Lara Gerassi, Tonya Edmond, and Andrea Nichols The study of sex trafficking, prostitution, sex work, and sexual exploitation is[...]
To be seen or not to be seen: Photovoice, queer and trans youth, and the dilemma of representation
Blog post by Alix Holtby Photovoice is an emerging research method that asks people who typically have stories told about[...]
Sampling and sex trading: Lessons on research design from the street
Sex trading is a hot topic right now.  There is a lot we don’t know AND in worrying ways a[...]
Collaborative participatory action strategies for re-envisioning young men’s masculinities
Ask a group of male college students if they believe it is OK to have sex with a woman who[...]