We need help in Transformation.

Simon Divecha, participant in our coLAB Developmental Leadership for Transformations

We need help!

…writes Simon Divecha a participant in our coLAB Developmental Leadership for Transformations.

…Our thinking patterns are changing, 
shifting from environment OR economy 
to both-and: environment AND economy 


Well, it’s not quite that simple 🙂 
This is developmental, a step change in our mental complexity
Consciously synthesizing emotional and financial, 
subjective feelings and objective metrics such as too much CO2. 

Consequently, we need help—to believe in agents of change, 
ourselves, and give you-I-us hope and support. 

The coLAB, Developmental Leadership for Transformations, did that. coLabs, and consciousness of our feelings and thoughts, helps us step into the extraordinary and then hold that with the ordinary. 

New perspectives… 

Transformational grounding…

Simon’s the co-founder of (be) Benevolution, an Associate Editor of the Action Research Journal and a narratives steward for the SDG Transformations Forum

Check out his video – great music – and you’ll see a physical journey, into and out of coLAB world.

Credits: Festina Lentívaldi, (be) Benevolution reuse Creative Commons BY-NC 3.0 US.
Video: Simon Divecha
Music: Leave it alone is by Malcolm King Fontana and Alexia Riner who write “Simon, honored you decided to use our track for this video. Love how it all comes together- the text, the visuals, and how you cut it to the song.  Thank you for incorporating us!”
More on Alexia here and Malcolm here.