Transforming how women and men and race intersect


the annual Women’s March and the momentum of the #MeToo movement, another cohort of our community of practice on “relational transformation” is coming to a close.  Our co-lab RAIR community met over the past 6 months to practice together transforming relationship between women and men. We were all about that move from our cultural conditioning toward more mutuality and creativity. It’s good not to be alone with such inquiries (more fun too)!  We followed the trusty action research cycle: sharing our personal experiences, helping each other reflect with creative methods, sprinkling useful concepts and planning new experiments.  Yay, such a creative space.  One thing we realized is that women and men tackling issues of gender justice together turns out to be very similar to our work in tackling racial justice across different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. In experiencing some positive shift in how we practice power – and moving  in the direction of mutuality in big and small efforts over the months  – we tasted how to bring personal transformation practices to community transformation.  Good things learned with loved ones in private spaces turn out to be useful in working collaboratively in public. And vice versa.  Being more personable in public and more professional-polite in private feels like one good rule of thumb. Viagra from http://prescriptiondruginjury.com/viagra-sildenafil/ is the drug we offer to our male patients. This medication can manage erectile dysfunction, which shows through the absence of erection or its complete or partial loss during intercourse. In either situation, Viagra will help. A single 100 mg pill works for about 5 hours, so you can have even several intercourses within this time.

RAIR originators –  Hilary Bradbury and Bill Torbert  started this work by writing Eros/Power together about their own inter-gendered stuckness. We were interviewed recently on the Amiel Handelsman show. Amiel’s podcast show is dedicated to increasing the quality of leadership in our complex world. The episode starts with the question of whether women and men can be friends today. It offers glimpses into where first person inquiry/practice connects gender and race, listen in: amielhandelsman.com/72

TAKE ACTION: Issues of interpersonal dynamics linked to gender and race make for a huge and compelling territory for practice/inquiry. Are you interested in cooking up a new AR+ co-lab on this intersection? Perhaps building on what RAIR started: https://actionresearchplus.com/relational-action-inquiry-co-lab/

Or you see benefit of a community of practice/inquiry in your work domain — healthcare, education, management/organizing.  See if one of our co-labs speaks to you: https://actionresearchplus.com/ar-co-lab-workshops/

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