Connection Note on Vertical DevelopmentPhronesis 

ART Connection Notes share about impressive ART adjacent ideas and resources. They’re mostly about people doing leading edge work in the world that connects to and enriches ART as contemporary knowledge creation.   

This Connection Note shares a podcast on Adult development, AKA vertical development. Two master action researchers in the field of leadership development unpack leadership as collective human development. Their thinking is useful to ARTists because it helps us think better about how to support more collaboration as a developmental journey within ourselves and with others. 

Charles J. (Chuck) Palus, Ph.D., is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership (retired 2020). He studies, teaches, and develops leadership as a relational process within the context of the vertical transformation of leadership cultures.  He is co-founder of CCL Labs.  John McGuire,  Principal of the McGuire Consultant Group, an Honorary Senior Fellow at the Center for Creative Leadership, co-founder and practice leader of CCL’s Organizational Leadership Transformation practice.



Terrific Compendium on vertical development:

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