The Giving Tree. With ecological update by Topher Payne.

Playwright and screenwriter Topher Payne updated Shel Silverstein’s classic American children’s tale The Giving Tree. In the original the maternal tree gives up every molecule of herself in response to the demands of a little brat-boy. Hmmm. Always sounded a bit off. And in need of an update for more ecological times!

The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries! is Artist Topher Payne reimagining of the tale:   “Ever settle in with the young person in your life to read one of your childhood favorites, like The Giving Tree or The Rainbow Fish, only to get halfway through it and go, “Wait, WHAT?” Payne writes. “Well, good news. I fixed it.” Here’s how you use his fix or imagine your own updates:

“Just read The Giving Tree as usual, right up to the point where the Boy comes hustling for a house. Then feel free to print these pages and read as an alternative to everything that follows.”  The artist accepts tips.

More on Payne’s giving tree with healthy boundaries here :