Teaching resources for action research

A few AR+ suggestions as you plan your class/course/program in action research/ART:


The Cooking with Action Research volumes are popular with students. They find them accessible, affordable and with good pictures and stories 🙂. The first volume contains cases, the second volume has many short pieces explaining concepts for practice. The third is bilingual (English/Spanish) with cases selected for their Latin & Caribbean focus. 

Available here: https://actionresearchplus.com/action-research-book/


ARJ articles speak to multiple fields of practice: education, healthcare, development, policing, etc. Browse the AR+ blog to find which papers to chase down. 

Jump into ARJ directly: https://journals.sagepub.com/home/arj

The 2015 Handbook of Action Research introduces many more practitioners of action research, their practices and theoretical underpinnings too.


Action Research Cookbook