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Global Next Gen ART: Faculty help it happen. 2022 Collogue. Podcast #9

    Since the founding of Action Research journal in 2003, we have had the immodest aim to help recover and transform social science.  Our intent has been to assist the Academy, as well as the public and private sector, in discovering additions and alternatives to heretofore “ivory tower,” materialist-positivist research and practice. We continue to extend […]


Yes/And Podcast #2. All conscious performance is improv. Jemma speaks with Miren Larrea and Carey West about power and policy.

In this podcast #2 Jemma Llewellyn speaks with Miren and Carey. Miren, or Dr. Miren Larrea is an ARTist in the Basque region where her action research transformations work is aimed at territorial development with policymakers and politicians. Carey West is a PhD student in critical improvisation studies, engaged with arts based community making. Both […]


Yes/ And Podcast #1. Origins & Intersections Jemma Llewellyn talks with Hilary Bradbury and Bill Torbert.

There’s a new Yes/ And podcast series for AR+. The inaugural podcasts are by Jemma Llewellyn, Ph.D. Cand., who hosts us in getting underway in a conversation with Hilary Bradbury and Bill Torbert. Jemma shares the backstory and introduces the inaugural podcast: “Although the conversations in each podcast episodes are inspired by the ART 2022 […]