Leadership as Developmental Friendship starting May 23rd. Registration closing soon.

Starting May 23rd and throughout this coLAB all participants are encouraged and supported in finding ways in which our leadership positively impacts our relevant community stakeholders. Our stakeholders may be our workmates, colleagues, family, students, i.e., the people important to our work of Action Research for Transformations (ART).

To get started we’ll use an assessment of leadership development to help each of us see/name patterns in how we use power, give/receive feedback and step into collaborations.  From this, we’ll experiment with placing ourselves at our “developmental edge” in our ART.

We’re especially interested in consciously experimenting with moving from habits of  “power over” toward new practices of “power with.”

In addition to the monthly sessions, four participant-facilitators will host an intersession each month for practice in a small groups.

Three seats remain. 

Details, logistics and to register your place please use this page: https://actionresearchplus.com/developmental-leadership-colab/