New Shifting Horizons tool supports new power, feedback and collaboration in social change

AR+ has partnered in producing a new online developmental assessment linking action research for transformations with constructivist adult development. The assessment is a tool to support practice in social change contexts, specifically in co-producing better use power, inquiry and collaboration. 

For those of you who sense the importance of digging deeper with your practice of power, feedback and collaboration, there are two onboarding workshops to take a deeper dive into how to use this new tool. The workshops also offer more background on the theory/ thinking behind it. Perhaps most relevant to action researchers, you learn how it applies in the work of social change.   

Upcoming workshops are May 1 and 2, in two time-zones serving Australia/US Westcoast and Brazil/Europe. Most exciting, we’re instituting a global coLAB across regions for those who come through the onboarding. This global community of practice is for those energized by the practices of moving self and groups from “power over” to “power with” in the real life world of social change, education, politics, business etc. 

A bit more context…? 

To date adult development work happens mostly in expensive executive coaching circles. The Shifting Horizons assessment is designed to be done on a mobile phone and comes with a customized report.  It’s accessible, affordable and, even more useful,  the assessment draws attention to how you personally work with power, feedback and collaboration. Having a tool that draws attention to precisely these matters helps make them more discussible. Equally important is that we encourage all involved to try on new experiments and come into the community of practice for support in the application of the work. 

As one example, check out how the assessment was used with European politicians and policy makers

Join us! More information with registration here: join onboarding workshops.

Shifting Horizons