She Thrives and Learns at the Point of Action. Dave Fearon’s Practice Podcast with Hilary Bradbury.

Post by Carol Gorelick. 

We’ve seen a lot of writing on theory, but what about practice?

David (Dave) Fearon hosts a podcast series Practice? – Conversations probing the Nature of Practice that he began with Peter Vaill and continued after Peter Vaill passed. Peter Vaill calls Practice “the dark matter of the social sciences.” It applies to pencil-pushing, educating, heart surgery, sailing, golfing, and anything you can do with purpose.

Peter and Dave take you into a world of thought that couples work and play, purpose and routine, life and legacy. They writes, “In a world of white-water, On Practice is the raft.”

Dave and Hilary Bradbury’s recent conversation became the 216th in the series. Hilary shares her journey with practice as an action researcher alongside her commitment and passion for practice.

Action IS the point of Hilary’s research and of her Action Research peers. A Zoom call connects Dave with Hilary in her home in Ireland for a conversation where you’ll hear her joy in convening people to apply collective thinking and caring to understand better and solve world problems. 

Dave says: “I talked with a true ACTION RESEARCHER who thrives in being with people in these most difficult conversations on issues requiring personal and collective change. Lessons learned at the heart of, and in the heat of, the action are brought out to the literature via her own work and in the Action Research Journal of which she is editor in chief. Later in this clip, Hilary says, “FOR US TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP FOR SOCIETY, WE NEED WHAT I CALL ‘ DEVELOPMENTAL FRIENDSHIPS’ AT THE HEART OF OUR LEARNING TOGETHER….” Can you feel the truth in this? I can.”

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