Vibrancy + “Power-with” = Sustainable World. Join FREE WEBINAR and Co-lab

Connecting gender, vibrancy and #MeToo for sustainability?! Interested in how new gender issues play into our co-creating a more sustainable world? Or how to practice a new kind of “power-with” between women and men after millennia of “power-over”? We believe having these conversations help create a more sustainable world.

We are seeing what’s not working (e.g., #MeToo), but we’re less practiced with a new story and new ways of being “power with.” Many of us need a safe (if not always comfortable) learning space for transformative inquiry/practice together.

Join our free webinar, Wednesday, June 26th, meet the co-lab stewards, Co-Stewards: Heinz Robert, Hilary Bradbury & Lara Catone.

It’s a taster for a co-lab that starts later in summer. In this co-lab we inquire/practice in a way that is transformative of our personal and collective use of power in service to a regenerative world. More details at the RAIR co-lab page.

All are welcome to the intro free webinar – make sure to register!