Relational Action Inquiry Workshop IDS, Brighton Nov 4

From Hilary Bradbury
Partnering in the Practice of Relational Action Inquiry

“Heralding the coming of age of action research [calls] elegant epistemologically extended concepts, with abundance of heart-head wisdom, deeply committed to the flourishing of our planet, into collaborative and transformative inquiring-practice.” – John Heron, Centre for Human Inquiry.

“We are all related!” so say the systems thinkers and quantum physicists. How can we invite self and other, feminine and masculine, women and men, to arise more wholeheartedly, more collaboratively? Contemporary gender relationships are morphing and so too standards for interpersonal interaction. Often a screaming silence – of unacknowledged privilege and/or rage – holds us captive where hurts and disappointments are most keenly felt. Yet the world needs more collaborative partnerships if we are to respond to humanity’s challenges. And in truth our millennial long gender conditioning won’t disappear quietly. If you feel called to creative partnership – in intimate and/or professional endeavors (they’re connected!) – yet also feel stymied – this experiential, relational, action inquiry workshop is designed to support you. You’ll find a “safe space,” for co-inquiry and transformative practice with Relational Action Inquiry, combining wisdom from spiritual and socio-psychological research/practice. Our purpose is to enrich community and social science alike. Our practice is to cultivate more Eros infused friendship and to invite more creative partnership between women and men into the collective.

CONVENER: Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D.
WHEN: Nov 4, afternoon workshop, 2.30-5.30.
WHERE: IDS at U. Sussex, UK.
DONATION: GBP 25 suggested.

Hilary Bradbury, Professor of Organizational Psychology at OHSU, Portland, USA and Research Associate at IDS, is a leading action researcher and the convening “hubstress” of the global network, AR+| Editor of the bestselling Handbooks of Action Research, and Action Research journal, Hilary’s own work integrates Zen and relational psychoanalysis, with druidic flair. Re-imagining the practice of fuller human inter-relating in the boardroom, bedroom and wherever relationship arises, her most recent book, co-authored with Bill Torbert, is Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry (Integral Publishers, 2016).

“…The claims that the difficult work of love makes upon our development are greater than life. But if we nevertheless endure and take this love upon us as burden and apprenticeship, then a small advance and a lightening will perhaps be perceptible to those who come long after us.
That would be much.” – Rilke