RAIR Experimenting with New Ways of Being in Relationship

Cats and Dogs get along too.

Lara Catone, co-steward in the upcoming AR+ Relational Action Inquiry RAIR co-lab writes with an invitation.

“In times of great uncertainty such as these, find myself resourcing through acknowledgement of the gift that I have been awakened out of complacency.

In these moments of grace the noise drops away and I am deeply connected with the most essential stuff of life. This inner revival inevitably points me to relationship and how I might stretch myself to better care for and connect with my most near and dear loved ones, and also the larger web of life.

In witnessing the collective response to the coronavirus, I sense the possibility in this global shake up to reimagine how we do things, and how we relate. In the US there is currently a reckoning with resources as we rethink how they are distributed in a time of ecological and economic crisis. As we seek creative ways to provide for one another, here lies potential for shifting dynamics of systemic power in a time when power is tethered to resources.

As action researchers we have the opportunity to harness this moment for development of self, but more importantly, how we reconfigure power interpersonally. Let us not forget the fundamental work of restructuring we had begun before the coronavirus. Most recently we had the pivotal Harvey Weinstein conviction of 23 years in prison pointing to an historic shift in the ways that we think about power, privilege, gender and sexuality.

As outmoded “power-over” ways of relating and leading are challenged, we are clearly seeing what’s no longer working (e.g., #MeToo). But we’re less practiced with a new story or new ways of being “power with.” The forces of change act from outward in and inward out. In Relational Action Inquiry  – a core practice in the RAIR coLAB – we do this work together, in relationship, while experimenting with new possibilities in the world.

We now invite you to join us for a next iteration of the Relational Action Inquiry co-lab where we inquire/practice with relational power in a way that is transformative for our personal and collective development.

RAIR is a space to tease out what we already know, to shine light on our blind spots, to reflect/learn each other’s perspectives and to uncover what new practices and models may help our collaborations to become generative and empowering for all.

Sample inquiries include:

What are the rules of gender and supremacy at play in my life?

What are the stories about our work lives/organizations that we (collectively) aren’t telling?

What is my relationship to desire and attraction? How might I relate more skillfully with the sensations of attraction (or repulsion)?

How can this effort elevate us all toward leadership in our rising social and ecological crises?

In addition to learning and growing together, we particularly see this opportunity for virtual relational practice as a sanctuary of connection in this time of social distancing. If you’re keen to take on small and/or big relational experiments in your own work or life space, then we hope you will join us!”  

Please review the logistics and register your place soon at the co-lab page. Spaces are limited.