Politics of Caring for Transformation coLAB

Co-Stewarding facilitadores: Drs. Miren LarreaLake SagarisHilary Bradbury

This co-lab is bi-lingual (español / inglés). Registration is now complete/closed.

The 9 monthly sessions of 90-100 minutes on the 1st Thursdays of the month at UTC 18.00, i.e., 11.00 San Francisco;  15.00 Santiago, Chile; 15.00 Buenos Aires, 15.00; 20.00, Madrid.

This AR+ coLAB focuses on bringing  Action Research Transformations processes to the Politics of Caring. We want to empower more collaborations for more transformative outcomes in socio-political spaces. CoLAB APCT therefore offers a space to “facilitator - protagonists” who work within socio-political spaces so we may share our inquiry and practice, and learn how to upscale our work. 

Our work often happens in the midst of discourse that discourages our learning and agency.  Basic rules of the political game include "you never show weakness.” Or “average people just don’t matter to politicians!” Or “The power elite just can’t change!” Even “Let’s focus on organizing (yet) another protest.”  We need a more creative path!

APCT coLAB is for those whose everyday reality requires us to unlearn rules that don’t work and then build horizontal collaborations among diverse actors, for ongoing trust and transformation. For this we need support with one another and a space to learn together.

Our coLAB is therefore an inquiry into the theory in practice (not the abstract ideas!) of finding and/or co-building a different, more learning oriented, way into a better present. To this we bring examples of what has worked or has required changes and adjustments within our own practice. We will also share techniques and principles to reduce risk and enhance the effectiveness of experiments we, as practitioners, constantly realize, together with stakeholders.

In APCT we bring into focus the importance of daring to be vulnerable together. This is precisely what conventional politics does not address, as it often focuses on power as a unilateral force to garner or guard against. First on our agenda, therefore, are practices to help co-design safe, but critical, and therefore not necessarily comfortable spaces for inquiry and experiments. We will also consider how to reliably construct, adapt and replicate such spaces.

New questions we're asking include:

•What are the new rules of engagement in which caring is at the heart of political organizing?
•What do we see in the patterns that underlie the events associated with unusual outcomes?
•What do we learn about ourselves as agents of change, as subjects but also as objects or followers in change-related processes? How do we rotate between active and passive roles, to ensure that others can learn to lead as well as follow, to co-design as well as implement?
•What kinds of practices make a difference: we’re interested in including timely silence alternating with essential truth speaking; relaxation and visioning, with practical steps and the intelligence of feedback; the joy of really sitting back and listening/receiving, particularly for those in more traditional leadership roles, who sometimes feel they must always be ready to come up with the ultimate decision.

This co-lab welcomes all who have an interest in the potent space where the politics of unilateral power collides with the politics of caring and community. It is an opportunity to learn in the context of practice together. We will make time to reflect on our own participative projects; to learn together by sharing what we are up to while also supporting our action research transformations to help make a better world. Our own practice suggests that this is a crucial space in which transformations are sourced.

If you too are getting to the point where you’re also saying "we desperately need politicians and citizens more generally with far better learning-oriented skills” and seeking others with a stake in this inquiry, then select yourself! We'll let’s give it a try together.

We're bilingual. Although this coLAB will be carried out in English, we will have simultaneous translation. Our work includes participants from Spain and Latin America, and may be especially interesting to those active in the Spanish-speaking world.

Participation in all AR+ co-labs is by donation. Register at one of the big buttons below.

Our Perspective: Insights from PAR, ARTD and ART help us to foster the democratic, inclusive and egalitarian cultures necessary to understand and overcome obstacles to transformation, as we move toward skillful action. In this co-lab we’ll build a community of learning and practice to apply these insights to our own real-life contexts, including with our stakeholders. In order to explore this last approach, it can be interesting to participate together with other(s) we share specific projects with, in the spirit of co-inquiry.

Participants: Those who play a role as protagonist-facilitators in their world - and are concerned with new sources for political change at a time of escalating eco-social crises.

Where/When: The group will be limited to around 12 participants. The 9 monthly sessions of 90-100 minutes each will be on the 1st Thursdays starting April 2021 at  Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) 18.00. After registration please hold the following monthly dates on your calendar: April 1 (first session), May 6, June 3, July (free), Aug 4, Sep 2, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2 (last session).

Between the sessions, you will be invited to join small group meetings to deepen the conversations and enjoy further opportunities to practice. We intend to use recently published ART texts that are bilingual English/Spanish and to sow seeds for the new.

Materials: The 3 volumes of the Bradbury and AR+ Associates Stories and Resources for Self and Community Transformations/AKA AR+ “Cookbook” and Larrea et al, Roots & Wings of Action Research for Territorial Development will be made available to all who register.

Additional resources will be made available before and during the coLAB sessions.

Donation: All work at AR+ is by donation. Spaces are limited. Materials and books included in your registration. Register below at the Big Pink Button!We do not wish anyone to have to stay away because of lack of funding. If that is your case you may apply for a sponsorship. 

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