Pause. For Music.

Photo by Erik Mclean

We’re sharing a little from our latest Amicables coLAB. In it a group of ARTists had a wonderful time sharing and discussing the power of music. Consider it music for a pause. There’s also a podcast that brings deeper insight to the experience of music as we learn – and teach – through it.

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Music médecine: 

Singing ice (a recording of Arctic ice):

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I got so high that I saw Jesus: 

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Reflecting on the power of music with Grammy awardee Allison Russell. The Ezra Klein Show

What is it about music that enables it to work so powerfully on our bodies, minds and emotions? That is one of the core animating questions of this conversation with Allison Russell. Russell is a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter whose debut album, “Outside Child,” was named one of the best albums of 2021. Alongside powerhouse vocals and gorgeous melodies, Russell infuses a deep scholarly curiosity into her songs — not just about the nature and power of music, but also what it can teach listeners about our world. Listen on Apple Podcasts: