Parenting in Lockdown

From our Colleague Ankita…

Today, the COVID-19 destruction has fried up the brains of people across the world. Lockdown is the best preventive measure that is available. The sufferings are personal to people and most families are closed under a single roof. They are getting to spend the maximum time with each other. For some it is the best time of their life as their parents are with them. For the teenagers, life ‘only’ at home must be boring but digital media keeps them occupied. This is true for the parents as well.

However let’s not forget the children who are witnessing violence in homes, mainly due to alcohol problems or financial difficulties.


I have compiled some steps from the writings on action research that: 1. researchers must get into the field/ into the problem, 2. experiment with solutions and 3. improve lives.

During these tough times I am sitting here and penning  this blog because internet is the best entertainment and education medium for us all. Currently, the best action research medium too.

We could involve kids in our daily chores; start playing a parenting-game in the house with kids and celebrate the change in behavior of all.

Some handy parenting tips from our field work include:
1. Answer all the questions of children, correctly.
2. Do not tell them what to do; help them figure it out.
3. Praise, encourage and reward them.
4. No matter what, acknowledge their feelings.
5. Talk about what remains unspoken.
6. Talk about the good habits of people (even if they do bad).
7. Speak truth.
8. Talk about what you feel.
9. Be each other’s friend.
10. Express your affection.

The most important advice is ‘acknowledge feelings’.
I welcome more tips from you.

I have written a book in Hindi language for the rural population of India as I wrote in my previous blog on AR+ that there is a need for parent-instructors in rural India. Thank you, Hilary Bradbury, Tere Castillo Burguete and Mexico researchers for working on the crucial topic of parenting. I am aiming to get publication in Action Research journal when this ends. Please take care of yourself and be safe. Hope the world sees a better day, soon!