Narrating ART coLAB

Story and play to support ART practice

Co-lab meetings on-line. Second Tuesdays starting May 10th 2022 at 
UTC 04.00 

i.e., Sydney 14.00, Tokyo 13.00,  Paris 06.00, San Francisco, 21.00 -1 day

Stories surround us, shape us, and are shaped by us. We live in stories, and believe in myths, whether we realise it or not. As ART practitioners (ARTists) we engage with stories daily. We critically reflect on our own personal narratives, we give voice to participants’ narratives, and we pursue transformation of the deep narratives of our time. And then we try to tell stories about those experiences in an engaging way through our publications.

As we move into 2022, the ‘Great Separation’ of COVID has prompted many people to re-think their lives – their stories – and seek the connectedness of all our stories. To think beyond separation and individuation, towards unity, comm-unity and the personal and collective transformation it entails. We invite you to locate yourself as a ‘character’ in this timely coLAB as we move through a transformative narrative arc together, at a time of great change and uncertainty – a time of enormous transitions.

In this coLAB, we will explore story and narrative across multiple scales in a playful and creative way. We will examine how stories connect, in our lives, and in our work as ART-ful researchers. Each session will engage with a distinct creative tool or storytelling practice. We anticipate these tools will carry us on a trajectory from the personal, to the group, to society. Our intention is to strengthen ART practice through a process of playful discovery, using creative tools and storytelling to uncover and engage with questions about ART practice. Along the way, we will explore the inspirational quality of stories – the magic, mystery and wonder they can offer. We plan to have a lot of fun!

While we’re having fun, each session will engage with some serious questions. How do stories include and exclude? How can they help us find insight and wisdom into ourselves and how can they help us find unity? How can they build common ground without flattening diversity? How do we create spaces for research participants to tell their stories? How do our own narratives drive and shape our ART practice? What is unresolved in our narratives and what would be needed to find resolution? Can all this engagement with story help us to become better writers and communicators?

Our proposal is also to treat this coLAB as a collective action research project to be written up and published together. What will we learn through this process of engaging together with storytelling and creative practice? What alignment will we discover between the personal and the social spheres? What will change in the way we understand stories? And what gift will this particular story journey give us? Your insights and participation will be our data and your playful contributions will help build an understanding of this field.

Still unsure what this coLAB is about? We know that all the best stories are filled with mystery and so they should be. We invite you to join us on this journey into the heart of story, experience its power and potential, and participate in this exquisite process of ‘reveals.’

Co-lab sessions are 75-90 mins. Expect small group meetings between each coLAB sessions.  

Trust that we are open to tweaking the meeting start time once we establish the timezones of all who register. 

Hold these second Tuesdays of the month:   May 10, June 14, July 12, Aug 9, Sep 13, Oct 11, Nov 8

Participation in all AR+ coLABs is by donation.

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