Mindful ART coLAB

Mindfulness that supports Transformative practice

Co-Stewards: with Hilary Bradbury

By invitation only

In this coLAB, we will explore mindfulness and its impact across multiple scales in a creative way. We will examine how mindfulness practice in our lives, and in our work as ART-ful researchers, makes a difference. Each session will engage with a distinct mindfulness practice or tradition. We anticipate existential questions will carry us on a trajectory from the personal, to the group, to society. 

While we’re having fun, each session will engage with some serious questions. How does mindfulness help and hinder transformational change?A key inquiry is how to better bring the “spiritual” or contemplative meaning making to our action taking within our transformations efforts. This is all the more pressing as questions of meaning and purpose (interspiritual, individual and communal) are rising just as  formal religious community continues to decline.

Focus:  What – if anything – do we engage with to orient ourselves to the sacred (however that’s defined) and what are the implications, for our world, of not adopting such an orientation? 

Our proposal is also to treat this coLAB as a collective mindfulness project to be written up and published together. What will we learn by engaging together in creative practice? What alignment will we discover between the personal and the social spheres? What will change in the way we understand our spiritual/contemplative practice? And what gift will this particular journey give us? Your insights and participation will be our data and your playful contributions will help build an understanding of this field.

Still unsure what this coLAB is about? We know that all the best inquiries are filled with mystery and so they should be. We invite you to join us on this journey into the heart of mindfulness practice, to experience its power and potential, and participate in this exquisite process of ‘reveals.’

Co-lab sessions are 75-90 mins. All participants should have a daily contemplative practice.  

Trust that we are open to tweaking the meeting start time once we establish the timezones of all who register. 

Participation in all AR+ coLABs is by donation.

Questions: admin@actionresearchplus.com. Register at the button below.