Million Belay webinar. Who is transforming whom?

Join webinar hosts Hilary Bradbury & Steve Waddell for conversation with Million Belay.

Our topic: Who is transforming whom? Transformation & action researchers – the challenges and promise.

Overview: Transformations oriented work requires action-oriented research for two basic reasons.  One is that transformations are fundamentally about experimentation, learning and doing something that has never been done before. The second reason is that transformational work requires intimate engagement and self-awareness, which brings the whole person to the work; it is not just about changing something “out there,” but it is also about both changing ourselves and our mental models, and our relationships between the out there and the in here.  Nonetheless the term transformation when used in our inherited unilateral systems of change suggests a colonial mentality. There are many challenges to undertaking transformational action research…let’s talk about them together!

Recording available:  You may view the edited video with Million Belay here, and read the participants’ Million webinar_chat notes. 

In this 11 minutes video Steve Waddell starts with a brief introduction about 3 levels of change.  Million Belay shares his work across Africa in  bringing a learning and empowerment agenda. In this Million describes action research that is transgressive, transformative and transdisciplinary. Hilary Bradbury invites participants to join in the dialogue, starting with their personal experience of transformation. 


This interview was conducted in preparation for our Gathering at AR+ Transformations in March at Chalmers U