Organizing AR+ for 2022 – Member Circle

Thanks for joining the opening organizing member among AR+ members.  last Tuesday there were 20 of us stretching from California to Japan (special thank you Tetsu!) 

It’s (still) New Years. We opened with a Rumi quote that struck a chord: “Yesterday I was clever and wanted to change the world. Today I am wiser and want to change myself.” – Rumi.  We meet’ed and greeted! We often report how struck we are by the remarkable similarity among erstwhile “strangers,” now becoming our developmental friends. Our Discussion highlighted how AR+ provides a good space to allow participants integrate themselves into their ART work.

Practically speaking all know about – and  feel invited to find a coLAB that works for them as a space to deepen their own sense of being “on purpose” while also enriching global community. in coLABs we have space and time to integrate more “inner” work with the outer work in the company of developmental friends. 2022 coLABs are now started already! They will run through the year.

Additionally, the 3 part collogue – ART as a vital alternative to social science –  provides more of a drop in space for conversation that links action research to the larger field of social science. Each session will have speakers and will also provide lots of space for conversation about how ART links to “other” social sciences. Starts April 1 with a parallel series of podcasts. Stay tuned!

What’s new in our conversation? I was struck by the emphasis on the “small” innovations that are realized as building blocks of bigger work. We heard about Sofia’s turning a keynote into a coLAB; we heard of new “mini retreating” efforts whenever 2-3 of us  can gather in support of our ART.  There’s also interest in “once off” meetings on specific topics plus a desire for co-mentorship/accompaniment in deepening specific practice areas.

Follow up: Take from and give back to the AR+ space.  We’ll double down on using SLACK to keep each other in the loop (all members have received an invitation link). Each member creates their own personal channel to post. Where relevant we also post to shared channels. Where we’re intrigued by a new idea/practice, get in direct conversation in the channel.  See new channels: @mini-retreats |  @co-mentorship| @mini innovations | @once off topics.

Final organizing meeting on March 8th (Women’s Day!) Members will receive a calendar invitation. If you couldn’t make the last meeting, you’re especially invited to this one. Reminder: read the activities background memo in advance. Have a look at the ongoing Jamboard notes, with updates from the Feb meeting. All of it on slack.

We’re just getting started for 2022!

  • Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D., Curator AR+