Meet the Co-lab Stewards
Hilary Bradbury, Ph.D.

​hilary bradbury, pH. D

Hilary is a scholar-practitioner focused on the human and organizational dimensions of creating healthy communities. A professor of organization studies since 1998 (Case Western, USC and OHSU), today she is editor-in-chief of the international peer reviewed Action Research Journal (Sage Publications). She was named 2018 Jubilee Professor at Chalmers Institute of Technology, Sweden. 

Hilary was born and bred in Dublin, Ireland and educated at Trinity College after which she attended the Divinity Schools at Harvard and University of Chicago. Her PhD from Boston College focused on organizational change and transformation toward a more sustainable world. Author of numerous journal articles and editor of the popular series of Handbooks of Action Research, her latest books include Eros/Power: Love in the Spirit of Inquiry (Integral Publishers, 2016, with Bill Torbert) and Cooking with Action Research (2017, with AR+ Associates).

Hilary is the guiding convener and CEO of AR+, the global virtual community for participatory action researchers “accomplishing more good together.” She helps design and convene AR+ practice/inquiry ‘co-labs’ in education, healthcare, development, relational action inquiry, leadership and organizing.

Hilary enjoys formal affiliation with the Institute for Development Studies, UK and California Institute for Integral Studies (CIIS), USA. Hilary, who has served as a member of the  teaching circle at Zen Center of Portland, leading the "Next Gen Zen" program, brings an an eye to integrating Eastern meditation with the work of sustainable social transformation.

She may be reached at
Svante Lifvergren, MD, Ph.D.

​​svante lifvergren, md, pH. D

Svante Lifvergren, MD, Ph.D. is Quality Development Director at Skaraborg Hospital in Western Sweden. He is also a faculty member of the Division of Service Management and Logistics at Chalmers Institute of Technology in Gothenburg where his research is mainly performed within Centre for Healthcare Improvement (CHI). A pulmonary physician by training, Svante is also author of numerous studies about healthcare systems transformation.

On a day to day basis Svante is personally engaged with facilitating patient centric learning platforms with direct impact at the local and, increasingly, at the national level of the healthcare systems of Sweden. In his spare time Svante leads the healthcare domain of the Action Research journal where he is associate editor.
Martin Leahy M.d, Ph. D

​​​martin leahy pH. D

​Martin Leahy Ph.D., is the steward of ​AR+ ​Teaching & Education Co-Lab

​Martin is a teacher, researcher, and organizational consultant. Dialogical/relational (Buber, Rogers, Freire) approaches to teaching, research, and leadership are the foundation for Martin’s practice and scholarship. As OD and leadership development consultant, his early and mid-career work, at two medium-sized national firms, involved engagements with many of the Fortune 500. Twenty years ago, he launched his own consulting firm, committed to serve more not-for-profits. Teaching is a second career.

A professor of organizational leadership, he has taught doctoral students in organization and management since 2003, currently as Professor, PhD program in Organizational Leadership, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. He served as his campus Faculty Council Chair and the National Faculty Council Chair. He is the recipient of the school’s 2016-2017 Distinguished Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is the Board Chair of The Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia. He holds a Ph.D. in Human & Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University. He may be reached at
Marina Apgar

​marina apgar

Marina Apgar is Co-Steward of ​AR+ ​Organizing (Sustainable) Futures Co-Lab

​Marina is a research-practitioner who is passionate about understanding and facilitating the creative space between research and learning processes and development outcomes through engaging in complex adaptive systems. She has spent over 10 years working directly with indigenous peoples and social movements in Latin America on local resilience and adaptation initiatives building transdisciplinary methods.

Through her work with the Indigenous Peoples Climate Change Assessment initiative, she has also supported engagement of indigenous and local peoples and their knowledge systems in global policy processes such as the UNFCCC seeking more transformative systems change. She recently led the design of participatory action research as the main implementation and learning strategy for a multi-partner CGIAR research program in five countries through her role as Knowledge Sharing and Learning scientist at WorldFish. She is currently research fellow with the participation research cluster at the Institute of Development Studies in the UK.
George Por

​george por

​George Por is Co-Steward of ​AR+ ​Organizing (Sustainable) Futures Co-Lab

George is a researcher in collective intelligence and strategic learning partner to visionary leaders in business, government and civil society. He is the Founder of Enlivening Edge, the online magazine and community of “next-stage” organizations, and serving as an evolutionary-Teal mentor to several of them. His teaching and Visiting Research Fellow posts included London School of Economics, Universiteit van Amsterdam, INSEAD, California Institute for Integral Studies, UC Berkeley, and Université de Paris. He is the Director of CommunityIntelligence, a transformation agency based in Brighton (UK). George served as the lead consultant to the “communities of practice” strategy of the European Commission.

His clients included: Alberta Research Council, AT&T, Campus of International excellence – Southern Catalonia, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative, Electric Power Research Institute, Ericsson, European Commission, European Investment Bank, Ford Motor Co, Future Considerations, Global Leadership Academy, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, International Center for Organization Design, KaosPilots, Motorola, Procter & Gamble, Shell, Siemens, Swiss Re, UN Development Programme, UNEP/Wuppertal Institute, and Unilever. His publications and presentations can be found hereór . George’s life journey enabled him to combine European values with American “can do” spirit” and ancient wisdom traditions. He may be reached at george(at)enliveningedge(dot)org .
Bjorn Uldall

​bjorn uldall, ph.d

​​​Bjorn Uldall is Co-Steward of ​AR+ ​Organizing (Sustainable) Futures Co-Lab

​​Bjorn has sustained a passion for exploring more meaningful ways of leading and organizing since the turn of the millennium. His quest has included an action research Ph.D from UWE, in Bristol, UK. In this he ran a number of collaborative inquiry groups with business leaders, exploring the notion of ’meaningful leadership’, and how 1st person practices of meditation, 2nd person practices of dialogue, and 3rd person practices of systemic action research support this.

Bjørn is partner in Scanlead where he has worked as an executive coach for individuals, management teams, and organizations for many years. His background includes an M.Sc. from Copenhagen Business School, and an early career in Carlsberg and in Mckinsey & Company. His education also includes 5 years of Body and Gestalt psychotherapy training. Currently he also takes part in the emerging international movements exploring the future of organizing along with innovative ideas and practices for reinventing organizations as the Action Research Lead at Enlivening Edge. (
Steve Waddell

​​​​steve waddell

​Steve Waddell is Co-Steward of ​AR+ ​Organizing (Sustainable) Futures Co-Lab

For over 30 years Steve has focused on multi-stakeholder large systems change to address critical issues. His does this as a researcher, consultant, educator, and through personal leadership with a range of clients and partners globally. He has a PhD in sociology and an MBA. With Future Earth and Transformations2017, he is currently investigating formation of the SDG Transformation Forum.

He is author of many publications, including the books Societal Learning and Change: Innovation with Multi-Stakeholder Strategies (2005); Global Action Networks: Creating Our Future Together (2011) and Change for the Audacious: a doers’ guide to large systems change for a flourishing future (2016). Steve is a Canadian-American living in Boston.
Catherine Etmankski

​catherine etmankski

​Catherine is Co-Steward of ​AR+ ​​Mindful Integrating Catalysts and Activists  (MICA)

Catherine is Director and Associate Professor in the School of Leadership Studies at Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada. With a background in adult education and popular theatre, Catherine is passionate about social and environmental justice and seeks to incorporate creative elements into her research and teaching. She has published about environmental praxis, teaching participatory research, and the use of arts-based methods in promoting dialogue and democracy. 

Her recent books are titled, “Food leadership: Leadership and adult learning for global food systems transformation” (Sense Publishers, 2017) and “Learning and teaching community-based research: Linking pedagogy to practice” (University of Toronto Press, 2014). She may be reached at

Kamil Gerónimo López

​Kamil ​​Gerón​imo López

Kamil has a transdisciplinary academic background. She completed a Bachelor's degree in Geography and Cooperativism at the University of Puerto Rico and a Master's Degree in Social Work from the Graduate School of Social Work Beatriz Lassalle. She carried out academic exchange experiences in Cuba, New York, Spain, Jordan and Brazil. In terms of research, she has addressed the housing problem from various dimensions, including photography.

An activist since 2007, she has served as a popular educator in communities, cooperatives, social and political organizations, regional network assemblies and meetings of global organizations such as the International Council for Adult Education. Currently, she coordinates the Caribbean Region of the Popular Education Council of Latin America and the Caribbean. She is the Founder of Pueblo Crítico, a non-profit organization dedicated to Popular Education. Kamil, is passionate about her country, critical thinking and finding a way to innovate trough activism.

To AR +, Kamil brings her energy, experiences, ideas and interests in seasoning this network with Latin-American and Caribbean condiments.

Kamil tiene una preparación académica transdisciplinaria. Completó un Bachillerato en Geografía y Cooperativismo en la Universidad de Puerto Rico y una Maestría en Trabajo Social de la Escuela Graduada de Trabajo Social Beatriz Lassalle de la misma institución. Realizó experiencias académicas de intercambio en Cuba, Nueva York, España, Jordania y Brasil. En términos de investigación, ha abordado el problema de vivienda desde distintas dimensiones, incluida la fotografía.

Desde el año 2007, es activista y ha fungido como educadora popular en comunidades, cooperativas, organizaciones sociales y políticas, asambleas de redes regionales y encuentros de organizaciones globales como el International Council for Adult Education. Actualmente, coordina la Región Caribeña del Consejo de Educación Popular de América Latina y El Caribe. Es fundadora de Pueblo Crítico, organización sin fines de lucro dedicada a la Educación Popular. A Kamil, le apasiona su País, el pensamiento crítico y encontrar la forma de innovar dentro del activismo.

Al AR+ trae su energía, experiencias, ideas e intereses de sazonar esta red con condimentos latinoamericanos y caribeños.

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