Join us for Tuesday Relational Meditation in July and August

Photo by Zoltan Tasi

In our CoCreativity CoLab, we are exploring the developmental and evolutionary practice of being in its expression as knowing and doing together. We put ARTful emphasis on intuitive and embodied ways of beautifying research–and the world.

To support ourselves in this endeavor, we’re meeting beyond our CoLab sessions, in relational meditation on Tuesdays over July and August. All ARTists are welcome.

When we gather with this intention, we co-create a powerful field where individual consciousness can expand and merge within our shared awareness. We practice mind/heart/ARTfulness together, and that is a deeply bonding and (re)generative experience.

Our first relational meditation session earlier this month brought us to a space of profound connection with oneself and others, which was described by participants as expansive, healing, transformational.

Don’t we want more of this, for ourselves, our communities, and our world? We are happy to extend the invitation to the (free) monthly relational meditation sessions to all fellow ARTists.

Expect that we meet for 45 minutes, and experiment each time with a different, creative, contemplative practice–in stillness, in movement, in nature… We also practice simple relational inquiry meditation. Bridging the (often unspeakable) experiences we live into a practice in which embodied experience is compost, signpost, portal to articulating ART. And enjoying our lives more.

Please join us, from wherever you are on your journey.

We meet for 45 minutes on Tuesdays starting July 6th. On zoom at 18.00 UTC/ 11AM California.

RSVP for zoom details.

You will be hosted by two meditating Hilarys, AKA Drs. Ilaria DiStefano and Hilary Bradbury

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