Interview with Aliki Nicolaides Ed.D.

Aliki is Associate Professor of Adult Learning at the University of Georgia where she seeks to optimize vital developmental conditions for adults, groups and systems to learn. Hilary Bradbury interviews Aliki about her discovery of the action research paradigm while a doctoral student with Lyle Yorks at Columbia’ Teachers College. Aliki then also the good and the bad action research work she is involved with though her own doctoral students.

Through years of research and teaching, Aliki has developed a theory of learning-within-ambiguity called “Collaborative Generative Learning,” and grounded in Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry (CDAI), a methodology which consciously develops adults’ capacity to better respond to the fluidity and complexity of the early 21st century. The promise of action research, says Aliki, is that it addresses the complex demands of a rapidly changing, interconnected world in need of new mindsets and new skill sets.

Read one of Aliki’s most recent papers from Adult Education Quarterly 2015 in which she points to the importance of metaphors for wrestling meaning from ambiguous situations: Generative Learning: Adults Learning Within Ambiguity.


Length: 19:23

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