Incremental transformation for poverty alleviation among rural women in Bangladesh

Taragonj, Bangladesh. Public domain photo by Brian J. Griffi. Image number: 0420-1007-2017-0023.

We discovered some key lessons for developmental practice through a transdisciplinary action-research project in with rural women in Bangladesh. We knew that short-term, linear, externally funded, project-based approaches to complex problems are often unsuccessful and so we had to take a different approach.

What we found was that through our action research with Bangladeshi women in poverty, together we could make gradual changes in gender relations at the household and community level, strengthen women’s capabilities and simultaneously develop an approach to social entrepreneurship.

We invite you to learn more about this our action research and experience by reading our article HERE.

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This abstract summary provided on behalf of the authors, Anastasia A. Seferiadis, Sarah Cummings, Jeroen Maas, Joske GF Bunders, and Marjolein BM Zweekhorst