Happy Holidays e-card

This Holiday e-postcard is to the growing community developmental friends of AR+. We just hung up colorful lights. We find light in the darkness and against all the odds. 

First a big thanks to the members.  FABULOUS fact. What we created in 2021 –  and what is therefore possible in 2022 – is because of you. Literally. Thank you!

2021 was all about multiple circles inside AR+ showing increasing vitality. The circles are Personal Members and Stewards, Board, coLAB participants in zoom sessions and in between. We started the year in multiple preGatherings that kicked our eCO Gathering and then our year. There’s the new ARJ journal team. Auspiciously, the impact factor of the journal tripled in 2021.

My own sense is that shared leadership has grown in all circles.  2021 therefore creates opportunity for expanding and elevating shared leadership (“sociocracy”) in 2022.

AR+ is working and is alive when it lights us up, when it serves you, us and all of us.

To learn more about AR+ browse our site (ActionResearchPlus.com), subscribe to our newsletter and look our for invitations to register for our gatherings and coLABs. 

I wish you and yours Happy Wonder-filled Holy Days.

Hilary Bradbury, Curator AR+