Free! Co-lab Taster Webinars. Registration required

Wherever you are on your action research journey, you are welcome to join in! 

Our 2019-2020 series of free webinars are 75 minute tasters for upcoming co-labs.  All are welcome to any and all! Free registration is necessary to receive the link and protainer guidelines in advance. 

The big picture here is that we want to provide a space for diverse gatherings intended to open multiple windows into how we can co-create regenerative society in the spirit of ART (action oriented research for transformations).  We invite you to choose among relational inquiry, i.e., enhancing second person inquiry/practice, inner work enhancing first person practice, or learn more together about about cosmo-local sustainable development

Also for Spanish speakers we’re experimenting with connecting Global South and North. Of course as good action researchers, we want to reflect and uncover the DNA of transformative learning with the possibility that we might harvest our experiences and insights in prototyping the ARTists Academy in 2020.  You see – it all comes together, at the same time that each co-lab, each webinar offers a taste of the whole.

The webinars and associated co-labs on offer through 2019-2020:

Transformative Narrative. May 15th. Co-stewards: Thomas Macintyre and Hilary Bradbury. Interview with Thomas Mcintyre about the work.

Participative Politics. June 20th. Co-stewards: Miren and colleagues at Orkestra, Hilary Bradbury

Vibrancy and Power-with. June 26th. Co-stewards:  Heinz Robert, Hilary Bradbury & Lara Catone.

Transformative Learning Spaces. September 19th. Co-Stewards: Claude Siegenthaler and Hilary Bradbury.

The ART of Healthcare Co-production. TBD. Co-stewards Sofia Kjellstrom and Hilary Bradbury.

Mindfulness Integrating Creativity and Artistry.  Co-Stewards Jean Hartmann and Hilary Bradbury.

Working with Dilemmas. TBD. Co-stewards Anthony Hodgson and Hilary Bradbury

Cartooning the Basics of Action Research. TBD. Co-stewards Ben Teehankee and Hilary Bradbury.

Stay tuned for others – still in design phase:

Cocina Popular: Irresistible Power, Connecting Global South and North.  TBD. Co-stewards Tere Castillo Burguete, Kamil Geronimo and Hilary Bradbury

The ART Dissertation: What’s good, what’s doable?  TBD. Co-stewards Marina Apgar and Hilary Bradbury.

ART in Bioregional Transformations. TBD. Co-stewards Alain Gauthier, Dana Carman and Hilary Bradbury.

Registration information.  You must register in advance. Logistics for the video meeting will be sent 48 hours in advance of the meeting. If you miss the call check back for notes and the recording. Email if you get stuck!  Hope to meet you on-line as we figure out how to accomplish more together!

Harvest from Winter 2018-2019:

Winter Webinar Wednesdays helped warmed up the AR+Transformations Gathering which happened over Women’s Day, March 7-10 at Chalmers University, Gothenburg SWE. 

  1. Jan. 16. Transformation & Action Research. Discuss the challenges, the politics, the promise with lead discussant: Dr. Million Belay.
  2. Jan. 30th.  #MeThree: Discuss how we invite historically marginalized and/or suppressed voices of experience into collaborative action with lead discussant: Dr. Jean Hartmann.
  3. Feb 13th. Discuss Large Scale Action Research Transformational Challenges with lead discussant: Dr. Derk Loorbach.
  4. Feb 27th. GULP – Global Unifying Learning Program. Discuss a transformational global “sandbox”experiment that brings action researchers to sustainability challenges (SDG goals). Lead discussants: Drs. Hilary Bradbury &  Steve Waddell.
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